CEINBIO is based in the Department of Biochemistry, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República.


The new plant has 250 m2 on two floors, the ground floor which is divided in two sections, one for academic activities, seminars, lectures, meetings and other operating as a study room. The upper floor leads to the laboratories area, consisting of work surfaces, cell culture room and equipment and refrigerators area.

This center is the result of several years of work with the support of the Universidad de la República central and extra-budgetary funds, the project was designed and directed by the Department of Architecture at the Universidad de la República. The building improvements will decisively contribute to the consolidation of CEINBIO as a reference research space at national and international level, for the creation of original knowledge, human resource training and development of new methodologies, unique in the country and/or region.

CEINBIO in process

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